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Where will you go next?

Welcome to Roldkro, a travel guide with beautiful pictures and inspiring articles. Pack your bags, hit the road and don't forget to write down all of your amazing stories!

Explore The World With Us

I’m Toke Bohl, an avid explorer that travels across the world.

Since 12 years old, I’ve been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of each country, city, and culture. Learning something new every single day, and this is what the blog will be about.

Documenting and photographing every step of my journey, so you can become immersed in the experience yourself.

This blog is designed to provide you useful tips and travel guides for each country, combined with inspirational stories and images of my experiences and nightlife.

Find your favorite cities and see what they have to offer… Flights, Accommodation, Expensenses, Safety, City and Night Life, Views, and more.

Tag along and experience this life with me.

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  • 6 Continents visited
  • 54 Countries visited
  • 26 k Miles traveled
  • 678 Days traveling
  • 4 Stories written
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