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odense zoo penguins

A quick travel guide for Odense one-day trip

Odense is the third-largest city in Denmark and gives quaint, small-town vibes. The city was considered boring typically, but within recent years, it has become vibrant and busy. Now, the city is also attracting a lot of investors. 

So, if you find yourself in Odense on a one-day itinerary, here is a brief overview of what to do. For many people, the city is famous because of the writer H.C. Andersen as he was born here. Hence, why not visit his birth and childhood home in the old town?  

Visit the old town in Odense

old town in Odense

The old town in Odense has cobbled streets and small-town houses. You can stroll in the streets while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and visit the H.C. Andersen’s birth home. If you are further interested, then you can visit the H.C. Andersen Museum as well. 

Shopping in the City Center

Vestergade Odense

There are two main shopping streets named Vestergade and Kongensgade in Odense, where you can find a variety of shops and restaurants. If you are walking past Vestergade, close to Town Hall, you will come across Magasin, which is a big warehouse of multiple luxury brands. There are other small and beautiful passageways, such as Vintapperstaede as well. These passages lead to pretty courtyards or smallest oases. 

You should try to make your way to the car-free Latin Quarter Zone. The zone is famous for its small shops, thriving cultural scene, and serene atmosphere. 

The Funen Village

Funen Village is an interesting place to visit. It is an open-air museum that presents a Funen village milieu dating from the 17th to the 19th century. You will be finding yourself in the back time with old houses. This village is like a historical museum that represents the traditional culture and heritage of the 17th and 19th centuries. 

You can drive across the village or ride a bike so that you can watch the children herd livestock, see women doing their chores such as cleaning, cooking, and sowing, talk to the blacksmiths, etc. If you are looking to experience life in Denmark a few centuries ago, a visit to the Funen Village is a must.  Especially during the summer season, several activities and events are going on. 

During the summer there are many activities and events involving both children and grown-ups, many of them connected to the regular maintenance in The Funen Village. To get to The Funen Village, you need to take a bus or go by bike. You can also drive, but it is a lot easier to get around in Odense on a bike. Odense is actually considered to be one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities.

Visit Europe’s best zoo

Odense Zoo monkey

Odense Zoo is named Europe’s best zoo and is a popular tourist attraction visited by a lot of people every year. It is home to animals from all over the world.

odense zoo monkey

The zoo also has the biggest aviary in Europe. Moreover, you can also see trainers interacting with tigers. Here sea animals from South America are also present. 

They have a place where you can go inside in a special tempered room that is very cold, in here you can see a lot of penguins both on land and there is a thick glass so you can also see them swim under water, it looks amazing!

odense zoo penguins

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