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Author - Toke Bohl

Surfing Norway

Why choose Norway’s coastlines for surfing adventure

Norway is an adventurous place with lots of fascinating places and activities. However, there is one activity that Norway is pretty much well-known for, and that is surfing.  The most famous spot for surfing in Norway is in Lofoten. Its remarkable beaches feature an exquisite experience full of fun and joy. Surfing enthusiasts pick this spot as their favorite...

reindeer Sweden

Everything you need to know about the Sweden Ice hotel

As you travel north of Stockholm, Sweden, at about 1200 kilometers of distance from the city, you observe some of the fascinating landscape of Sweden. The Ice Hotel is a remarkable spot for you in the north to have a wonderful stay where you can rest and explore the magnificent nature of Sweden. The Sweden Ice Hotel is itself a marvel you would love exploring. In...

Wildlife in America

Enjoy the best wildlife experience in America

The United States is a magical place to experience wildlife. Here you can find diversity in landscapes and environments. If you are excited to visit wild spaces, the US is full of sights that you will never forget. You can find a myriad of incredible wildlife species which range from birds to magnificent dinosaur-like alligators.  Here are some of the amazing...


Best things to see and do in Lapland, Finland

Lapland is one of the most magical places in the world. It is in the north of Finland. Have you ever heard of the incredible and astounding northern lights? Lapland is the home of those magical lights that appear in the sky, and there is no better place to see and experience the northern lights. Do you know that Lapland is also called as the home of Santa Claus? It...

odense zoo penguins

A quick travel guide for Odense one-day trip

Odense is the third-largest city in Denmark and gives quaint, small-town vibes. The city was considered boring typically, but within recent years, it has become vibrant and busy. Now, the city is also attracting a lot of investors.  So, if you find yourself in Odense on a one-day itinerary, here is a brief overview of what to do. For many people, the city is...

10 of the most scenic views in America you cannot miss

America is a land of astounding landscapes. Mother nature has gifted the USA with jaw-dropping places that mesmerize the human eyes. The scenic view in America is worth watch and cannot be missed. So, here are the 10 most picturesque views you must explore if you visit the USA.  1: Antelope Canyon, Arizona Antelope Canyon is an otherworldly exquisiteness and is...

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