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Best Saunas in Finland that are a must-visit for travelers

Whenever you feel tired and lazy, you just want to take a bath and relax in a sauna. Now you know that you are always tired and lazy, so you wish to find a sauna everywhere you go. Your wish just comes true in Finland. Finland has a characteristic feature of having a sauna almost everywhere. They have saunas in hotels, apartments, restaurants, houses, and even in offices. Finland really should have been called Sauna-land, by whoever named it, to be honest. So, in case you travel to Finland and looking for a sauna then never worry! You will find one almost anywhere. However, if you’re looking for quite the best of all saunas, then this article will help you find one.

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1: Arlan Public Sauna

This public sauna is busy serving the people since 1929. It is in the Kallio district of Helsinki. Arlan has always got a huge visitation from international tourists because it gives a more natural vibe than many of the luxurious and expensive saunas in Finland. 

2: Kaurilan Sauna

Kaurilan sauna is a traditional sauna and is active since the 19th century. Tourists find this sauna aesthetic due to the wooden works that make it pretty elegant. You should book a slot of this sauna always in advance because it has massive visitation.

3: Loyly Sauna Complex

It is a perfect spot to relax after a hard and tiring day at work. Travelers really find peace in there after walking a lot in the streets. It is situated in a restaurant that is by the sea so you can relax and rest, eat, and chill in the ocean shore if you wish.

4: Sauna Ship

Who doesn’t love sailing? And who doesn’t love being in a sauna while sailing? Everybody’s favorite pastimes are combined in the infamous Sauna Ship in Finland, where you can cruise through the sea and explore the fantabulous aquatic world and also enjoy fishing, delicious food, and wine on the ship.

5: Sauna Hermanni

This sauna has been into service in Helsinki since the 1950s. The service here is very friendly, and it offers various entertaining facilities like parties and music shows. The snacks they provide here are also one good thing to try. 

6: Rauhalahti Smoke Sauna

Here come some figures. This sauna holds the record of being the world’s largest smoke sauna as well as a spa, restaurants, and a lot of other interesting traditional activities. The location of this spot is extremely attractive, and you are guaranteed to have a marvelous and memorable experience here.

7: Kesan Floating Sauna

A sauna that is floating! The construction of this amazing sauna is on a raft and offers you a literally unique experience. You feel so relaxed in the wavy raft that is all made up of wood. You can enjoy fishing and swimming if you wish to. Make sure you visit this unique sauna to make a memory that will be with you forever but don’t forget that this sauna only operates in summers.

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