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Cinnamon chicken bulgar pilaf

If you love quick dishes you'll love this easy pilaf. With chicken thighs and spinach and made with bulgar and spiced with cinnamon it's a fast and convenient midweek meal for two.

Chicken madras

Make your own easy spice mix for an easy way to feed the family – a classic healthy chicken curry for under 300 calories


These have been so popular over the last few years so we decided to give them a little revamp for you to make them even better. We’ve added some chia seeds to help thicken up the texture and some almond milk to improve the flavour and texture. Get cooking and let us know what you think!

Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas

Pan-fried cinnamon bananas are the answer to all of life’s questions. (Or at least the ones you have in the kitchen.) All you need is cinnamon, sugar, and ten minutes.

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