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reindeer Sweden

Everything you need to know about the Sweden Ice hotel

As you travel north of Stockholm, Sweden, at about 1200 kilometers of distance from the city, you observe some of the fascinating landscape of Sweden. The Ice Hotel is a remarkable spot for you in the north to have a wonderful stay where you can rest and explore the magnificent nature of Sweden. The Sweden Ice Hotel is itself a marvel you would love exploring. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about this magical place in Sweden.

The Ice Hotel has 80 rooms all full of ice. You will find ice almost everywhere in the hotel. An incredible Vodka Ice bar, a humongous ice cinema, an ice chapel, and a lot of nice family rooms feature some of the unique architecture you would not find anywhere else on the globe. The whole structure consists of an enormous amount of 4000 tons of nothing but ice. It all began in 1990 when the basis of the hotel established, but then there were no proper facilities for stay were available until 2016 when they equipped the hotel with everything you’d want while staying. There are regular rooms too so you can choose to stay there in case you feel fed up of seeing too much of ice everywhere around. 

What makes the hotel so worthy of your visit? Well, the most popular aspect is that you can enjoy tremendous sightseeing of the northern lights during your visit. Some of the other features include the following:

Guided Tour

Guides are available to escort you on a fantastic tour of the whole hotel where you can learn the history and the interesting facts about the hotel in detail.

Ice Sculpting

Ice Sculpting

You can take a fun class where you can try out ice sculpting for about 2.5 hours in just 745 SEK.


snowmobil Sweden

A perfect way to explore the arctic tundra while cruising through the snowy fields at just about 995 SEK.

Moose Safaris on horseback

Moose sweden

You can explore the tundra in a much slower and elegant manner by riding a horse. You will also get a chance to get fascinated by the gorgeous wildlife that includes snow foxes, reindeer, and hares. You can get all this fun for 2100 SEK, and that includes lunch.

Wildlife Safari

A snowmobile will take you to a remarkably exciting tour of the tundra where you can enjoy the immensely beautiful scenery and a marvelous landscape full of beautiful wild animals. 

Have fun with reindeer

reindeer Sweden

You get the priceless opportunity to meet the traditional Swedish people and learn about their customs and culture. On the way back, you can feed the reindeer and have the adventurous experience of driving a reindeer sledge. This trip will cost you about 2000 SEK.

You can land at Kiruna Airport and then take a cab to get to the Ice Hotel. There are other options available as well, and you can choose the way you prefer according to your budget. It will cost about 1200 SEK to get to the Kiruna from Stockholm. The room prices are around 1600 SEK per night for a standard warm room and 4000 SEK for an ice room.     

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