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The best hotels in Odense, Denmark

Odense is one of the most exciting cities in Denmark. If you want the best possible Odense experience, it’s important to stay in a central and cozy hotel. This applies to business travelers as well as to culturally interested tourists.

We have looked into the entire selection of hotels in Odense, and here are our top recommendations.

Hotel Odeon

This 4-star hotel has been one of the best hotels in Odense, since it opened just a few years ago. It is centrally located, very near the H.C. Andersen Museum. With 234 rooms in total, there is almost always a high degree of availability – unlike the smaller hotels where you have to book a long time in advance to be sure of getting a room.

In many ways, Hotel Odeon is an artistic and stylish hotel. When you step inside, you immediately get a feeling of luxury. The lobby is well furnished and beautifully decorated. Along the walls, there are long and comfortable couches where you can easily sit down with your phone or laptop if you are waiting for something. In the central part of the lobby, there is a small island of furniture, creating a very cozy environment where you can sit down if you wish to be social and talk to other visitors.

The restaurant is just as impressive: The style remains somewhat similar, especially when it comes to the furniture, but it is characterized by many small lamps hanging from the ceiling, creating a nice and romantic light over the tables. The restaurant is spacious and with its wide isle, you can easily navigate over to your preferred table when entering. Expensive wine bottles are on display, and wine is indeed the most popular thing to drink while eating here. The menu itself, however, is varied and interesting. You will find signature Danish dishes along with popular plates from abroad. A large part of the kitchen is open-faced, so you can actually see the chefs working as you pass by. The feeling of legitimacy must not be underrated, and despite being a hotel restaurant, it offers food with the same quality as many of the best restaurants in Denmark. Eating here is an obvious choice for at least one of your evenings in Odense.

As long as we are talking about eating, Hotel Odeon offers free breakfast in the morning when you book your stay with them in advance.

On to the rooms: Hotel Odeon has 234 in total, and some of them differ from each other. With several different sizes (and several different bed-sizes), you can always book the room that suits your needs. For solo travelers, that might be a small and convenient room, while groups and families can consider some of the larger options. Some rooms are so large that they resemble living rooms. It is not unusual to find rooms with several chairs, a table, a couch, and a desk – and that is aside from a bed and a television, which you will find in any room of the hotel.

Generally speaking, the rooms are warm and cozy. They are decorated in a modern way, inspired by the most recent Scandinavian designers. You can clearly see the Nordic simplicity in the interior of the hotel. And most importantly, everything remains highly comfortable. It’s a quality hotel, so you can expect furniture of the best standards. Unlike in cheaper hotels, there is a nonexisting risk of having a sore neck in the morning. The beds, along with the pillows, are top-notch. Among all the hotels in Odense, this might be the one that has the best furniture.

Every room has its own private bathroom. Some rooms have small terraces. Heating, as well as air-conditioning, are both in place – that way you won’t be too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer. Cleaning is done on a daily basis, while there is a washing service if you need to clean your clothes.

Parking is also an option, and you can store your baggage with the hotel if you need to do so. WiFi is free for all guests, and it works in the rooms as well as in the lobby. As mentioned earlier, there is a free morning buffet when you’re staying with Hotel Odeon. 

It should be mentioned that all rooms are smoke-free, so smoking can only be done outside, just as you would expect from a hotel of this class.

The lowest price available is typically around 1.100 DKK per night, but the average price is a bit higher. It all depends on the time of the year and the type of room you want. Hotel Odeon is not a cheap hotel by any means, and it specifically appeals to travelers that prefer a high quality experience. It is arguably the best place to stay in Odense if you want a nice and luxurious trip.

First Hotel Grand Odense

First Hotel Grand Odense is another 4-star hotel with tremendous quality. Located in an old and historic building, it is very appealing if you want a classic experience in Odense.

It’s a large hotel by normal standards, but it doesn’t have quite as many rooms as Hotel Odeon. Therefore, there is a higher chance that this Odense hotel is fully booked during the peak of the travel season.

But if you are lucky enough to find a room in advance, which should still be easy for the majority of the year, the prices are better. The average price for a room is around 250 DKK lower than with the hotel we mentioned earlier. So if you still want a very nice experience, but without paying a premium, First Hotel Grand Odense is one of the best options in the city.

There are 135 rooms spread across three different floors. They vary in size, so you need to select a room that suits your needs when you book it. Unlike in other countries, it is Aside from offering difficult to get free upgrades in Danish hotels. What you book is always what you get.

The quality of the rooms is high. Since the building and the entry have a classic look, you might get surprised when you step into your room. They are a lot more modern than you would ever expect from the outside. Just like Hotel Odeon, there is a clear focus on modern Scandinavian design, and the furniture is simple yet stylish and comfortable. All rooms have private bathrooms, and most of them are quite spacious. The rooms are also equipped with Wi-Fi. In other words, there is no need to go down to the lobby to access the internet. You can easily do it from your room, which is useful if you want to watch a movie in bed, or if you want to tell your friends about your trip on social media.

Aside from offering some nice rooms, there is also a decent amount of extra facilities. There is a conference center and some booking rooms, both of which can be very useful for business travelers. First Hotel Grand also offers a fitness area (open 24 hours per day), a restaurant, a bar, free Wi-Fi, common areas with coffee and tea, washing machines and the opportunity to rent a car on the spot.

Most visitors speak positively about the location. This hotel is located completely central in Odense. Most of the main tourist attractions are within ten minutes of walking. In fact, you can probably reach many of them in just five minutes on foot. That includes Odense Castle, the H.C. Andersen Museum, and the old city center.

Check-in is between 15.00 and 00.00. Check-out is always before 12.00. However, the reception is open 24 hours per day if you need anything. Expect to show your personal documentation, such as your passport, when you arrive. The staff members speak Danish and English; some will also be fluent in German and French.

Again, this hotel is not as expensive as the other four and five-star hotels in Denmark, so you get a lot of value for your money. Staying with First Hotel Grand Odense is highly recommended – primarily because you will be staying in beautiful surroundings in the central part of Odense!

Other types of accommodation

Choosing a hotel is arguably the best option. But there are still some alternatives that deserve to be mentioned in case you are looking for something different. Holiday apartments are becoming more and more popular. Airbnb is the largest site for short-term rentals, and there is a decent selection of Airbnbs in Odense. Of course, there are also private companies offering the same thing. A stay in a holiday apartment will cost you around the same as a room in a hotel. However, staying in a hotel is a better choice for most travelers because of the increased amount of service and the many extra facilities.

If you’re traveling on a budget, you can consider staying in a hostel. This is an easy way to save some money, and it gives you a chance to be social with other travelers. While the selection of hostels isn’t as large as the selection of hotels, it is still something that can be considered.

A final word

If you’re visiting a cultural city like Odense, it is important to find a nice place to stay. The best choice is to select one of the two hotels mentioned earlier – Hotel Odeon or First Hotel Grand Odense. They both offer tremendous service and high value for the money. Get inspired by the photos, and pick the option that suits your needs. We wish you a great trip!

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