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Surfing Norway

Why choose Norway’s coastlines for surfing adventure

Norway is an adventurous place with lots of fascinating places and activities. However, there is one activity that Norway is pretty much well-known for, and that is surfing. 

norway surfing

The most famous spot for surfing in Norway is in Lofoten. Its remarkable beaches feature an exquisite experience full of fun and joy. Surfing enthusiasts pick this spot as their favorite choice almost every weekend, and the place is all a mess, even in the regular weekdays’ evenings. Surfing at Lofoten beaches continues all year and becomes most special in winters when you get the opportunity to experience the magnificent and absolutely magical northern lights in the arctic region. It’s referred to as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by all the tourists who visit here and create some of the best memories of their lives. 

Furthermore, surfing also provides you the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic and breath-taking sight of the deep blue waters of Norway. These charismatic shades of blue are just another thing that Norway is famous for. The beaches and coastlines of Norway witness millions of visitors every year. So, it is highly recommended that you visit these shores and experience the magic with your own eyes, and there is no better way to be a victim of this magic other than picking up a surfing board and ride the tides.

Norway surfer

Still not convinced for surfing? Well, the numerous health benefits that surfing can bring to you might be enough to be convinced after all. We all are already aware of the significance of exercise in our lives to keep ourselves healthy and active. Most of us don’t like to exercise because it gets too monotonous and boring to have a constant fitness routine every day. You always want something that you enjoy doing, but unfortunately, not all your hobbies exercise all your body muscles, so you don’t seem to be efficient with your fitness workout. Surfing is a perfect solution to this issue because you never get bored of doing it, and it’s always a delightful experience that will exhaust you up as well and keep you fit altogether. 

Norway has numerous surfing spots where you can enjoy the sport or even learn it in the surfing camps they have installed on the beaches where you get a complete course of coaching and practice it on small scales and become able to surf in the deeper waters and explore the marvelous oceans of Norway by riding on the gigantic waves, Alnes, Sunmore is another famous spot that you can comfortably learn to surf and then enjoy it. More of the famous and most visited places include Hustadvika, More og Romsdal, and Hoddevika, Stadt, followed by Saltstein and Bobla Jaren. All these spots feature the best and quality coaching to learn surfing and provide security to you twenty-four seven. Their lifeguards are always on the move and perform their jobs to keep you safe always.

So what are you waiting for? Pack up and book your flight to Norway and enjoy the great beaches with exotic waters by surfing on the massive tides. 

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